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The East Bohemia Branch of the Czech Society for Ornithology at the East Bohemian Museum in Pardubice was founded in March 1975 as a regional branch of CSO working in Hradec Králové and Pardubice regions. Its mission lies mostly in organization of different activities aimed in bird conservation and research and birds‘popularization. Now, the East Bohemian Branch of CSO has more than 200 members mostly from East Bohemia but also from other parts of the Czech Republic.


Main regular activities are:
BIRD CHORUS DAY – a morning walk organized for wide public aimed on listening to and identification of bird songs, ringing and bird conservation in general. It takes place in many different locations of the region in the beginning of May every year.

BIRD FESTIVAL – collective observing of bird migration, catching and ringing of birds, discussion problems of bird conservation. It takes place all around the region in the beginning of October every year. RESEARCH AND EDUCATION CAMP – three days ornithological meeting in field in different locations in East Bohemia in order to carry out a bird survey of the area.

EXCURSIONS – collective excursion on an ornithologically interesting locality in East Bohemia or in other parts of the Czech Republic.

ORNITHOLOGICAL CONFERENCE – once in every five years a nationwide conference is held in Česká Skalice town in October named „Methods and results of bird populations research“.

MEMBERS‘MEETING – is usually carried out twice a year in Pardubice. Members of the East Bohemia Branch and supporters present the newest results of ornithological researches and activities. A great importance of those meetings lies also in obtaining new contacts and developing co-operation between members.


The East Bohemia Brach of CSO publishes:
PANURUS – a periodical which name comes from the scientific name of Bearded Reedling, a symbol bird of the East Bohemian Branch. Members as well as non-members publish results of their fieldwork, mostly from the East Bohemia region. It is issued once a year, ca. 100 – 160 pages.

INFORMATION BULLETIN – issued several times a year according to momentary needs. It brings information about actual course of events, about bird research and conservation or about different past as well as future actions.

(translation Jana Bělková)

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